Événements en Croatie

Opatija - Imperial city

Opatija's romantic era lives again with the Imperial Town event. The thousands of visitors to this annual event will have the opportunity to meet famous historical figures such as the Lumière brothers or Albert Einstein, enjoy the numerous music and dance programmes, and choose from the variety of food and drinks on offer in the bars and restaurants along the town's main street, which will be closed to traffic. On 21 July, Opatija will once again become the Imperial Town, which will bring to life the romantic period from the early 20th century when it was visited by members of royal families and famous figures of the time. The main street, which will be closed to traffic from the turning for the harbour up to Slatina, will be the stage for a promenade with famous figures such as the scientist Albert Einstein, writer James Joyce, violinist Jan Kubelik, composer Gustav Mahler, the cinema pioneers the Lumière brothers, and other famous figures from the history books who visited Opatija in the past. They will be joined by hundreds of entertainers and members of costume groups from Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary who will be dressed in the fashions of the late 19th and early 20th century. There will also be a series of music and dance performances with Martina Majerle Trio, Albert Surina, Ivan Bošnjak, Klapa Mirakul, Karolina Šuša, Vivien & Voljen Grbac, Mihalj Ivković, Esperanza & Claudio Frank and many others. Opatija's main street will be a place where the town's bars and restaurants, manufacturers and artists will present their special offers and local produce. This will also be an opportunity for the thousands of visitors to this annual event to experience at first-hand this charming part of Opatija's history and become part of the Imperial Town.

Bučnica Fest

Competition of catering objects in which the best pumpkin pie is selected. Visitors can taste pumpkin pies and other products and dishes made of pumpkins and have fun with music program, demonstration of pumpkin pie making, games for children and adults, and other contents.

Stagecoaches parade in Marija Bistrica

Traditional international event with carriages and horses, on first Sunday after Assumption of Mary Holiday.

Le festival d'été de Split

Le festival d'été de Split (créé en 1954) est un festival d'art qui bâtit sa réputation nationale et internationale depuis le milieu du 20eme siecle. Avec le Festival d'été de Dubrovnik, c’est le festival a la plus longue et la plus brillante tradition du spectre classique des arts du spectacle (opéra, théâtre, ballet, concerts ...), diffusant toute une série d'événements au fil du temps: des concerts de jazz et des festivals de cinéma, aux expositions, spectacles et théâtres de rue. Le soutien organisationnel le plus solide et le plus régulier du festival a été donné par le Théâtre national croate a Split, représentant le lieu principal de la vie culturelle de la ville de Split, et le point vital de la vie théâtrale de la Croatie dans son ensemble.

Urban Culture Revue - EVO RUKE

5th Urban Culture Revue - EVO RUKE! is back from 18.07.2018. until 09.09.2018. in Split, Croatia. A series of concerts and performances turns Đardin, the only park in the heart of the city, into a true jazz, blues and rock'n'roll show! With free entrance for all visitors, a program has been prepared to make Đardin the intersection of creative energies and a city oasis of quality domestic and foreign music. Through 54 summer evenings you will be able to enjoy the live performances of Croatian performers. There will be concerts, themed days as well as good cover bands. From Wednesday 18.07.2018. in Đardin, the sound of the street is waiting for you, the sound of the city - the sound of rock'n'roll.  

Motifs of Podravina

Motifs of Podravina are one of the biggest cultural events in this part of Europe which includes attractive and unique contents: naive art fair, old crafts fair, folk art, antiques fair and gastronomy of Podravina. Motifs of Podravina, manifestation is „Nettle“ that is, unique dishes from nettle, cakes, drinks, first Koprivnica beer from nettle and unique pictures of our artists on the theme of this unappealing plant. Motifs of Podravina continues the tradition of taking place in the natural environment of the City park of Koprivnica.

Volleyteam Open 2018

Having successfully organized big beach volleyball events during last three years, Croatia i.e. the town of Poreč has been yet again chosen to be the host of a strong international competition - FIVB Star-1 / Satellite.   This international tournament featuring the competition of 16 men’s and 16 women’s volleyball teams as its main part is taking place on the first weekend in warm July.   Volleyteam Open 2018 is one of a number of European tournaments taking place this year across the Old Continent. Courts of Croatia’s Zelena laguna in Poreč have been chosen for 80 volleyball matches to be played from Thursday until Sunday with a TV broadcast of as many as 32 matches. The treat for all sports and fun fans definitely worth a visit.

Summer in the City

Summer in the City is an umbrella name for the introductory programmes of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project and other important cultural events taking place in the streets, squares, parks and cultural institutions of Rijeka, as well as other usual and unusual places. The new Summer in Rijeka begins on 15 June with the Delta Open Programme, which includes the introduction of the Delta 5 building users, an offering of “workers' cuisine”, music curated by DJ Ana Antonova and a concert performance by Punčke. The Furioza cycle brings socially engaged Croatian and international musicians to Rijeka, while the youngest visitors can enjoy the Tobogan children's festival with 40 different programmes, followed by the Sailor Sweet&Salt Music Festival with a number of well-known artists and a concert performance by the world-renowned Americana band Calexico, as well as the latest edition of the Porto Etno festival of music and food.   In cooperation with the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, a portion of the Rijeka Summer Nights programme has also been included in the Summer in the City event and during the hot summer nights, the streets will become a venue for Spajalica – a series of art interventions in public spaces. Rijeka will also host the EASA, the biggest international assembly of architecture students, and will be one of the cities to host the 2nd Industrial Art Biennale.

Forestland festival

From the gentle hills of Vučetinec all the way to the wooded Brezje, Forestland is on the road towards future ever since the 2013. Looking back to the beginings, Forestland has traveled far. From the hopes of making a rave for a group of friends Forestland has gone a long way to become a world known festival. The beginnings were modest, just a few hundred visitors, friends and today - a #forestfamily. Today Forestland is supported by the local community, regional administration, international partners and amazing musicians, artists, DJ's and performers. Forestland inspires people to dream and achieve the impossible. Two days, three stages, 48 hours, 60 + DJ's, hundreds of Watts of power. See you at the #FORESTLAND
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