Événements en Croatie

Festival of Sand Sculptures

One of the Lopar’s distinct characteristics, in comparison with the other tourist destinations, must certainly be its beautiful beaches, 22 of them. Sand is a sort of a Lopar „souvenir“, and its special „promotion“, and a successful one at that, is the Festival of Sand Sculptures, when Lopar beaches become the centre of creation of unusual sand art, and the only components used are sand and water. Apart from the best sculptures, the best photographs are also awarded prizes with the theme of Lopar sand. The enthusiasm of the passers-by and swimmers which pass by the sculptures every day in large numbers, is our motivation to organize the Festival every year.

6th INA Rally Kumrovec

The motosport in Kumrovec has more than half a century tradition. In year 2011 Autotest was replaced by the royal motorsport discipline – Rally. The international race every year attracts more and more participants and spectators, and is the holder of the recognition of Croatian Car and Karting Federation for the best organized rally in seasons 2012, 2013 and 2016. Besides the Prologue at the parking lot of Terme Tuhelj, the most visited part of the track is only a short walking distance far from birhhouse of Josip Broz Tito in Kumrovec. Since year 2016 the patron of the event is Croatian President Kolinda Grabar – Kitarović. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Hrvatsko zagorje, rich gastronomic and oenological offer, as well as numerous cultural and historic sites of Kumrovec area.

I Am Tribidrag

An international conference marking fifteen years since the confirmation of the Dalmatian origin of the internationally renowned wine grape variety, termed Zinfandel in the United States and Primitivo in Italy, which in Croatia goes under the name of Tribidrag or Crljenak kaštelanski.

The Conference, dedicated to Tribidrag as an internationally recognised wine grape variety, aims to provide an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the production and marketing of wine. It is targeted at winegrowers, winemakers, sommeliers, researchers, students, wine journalists and wine connoisseurs.

Conference speakers are prominent scientists and experts from the United States (C. Meredith, D. Gates, J. Peterson), Croatia (I. Pejić, E. Maletić, G. Zdunić), Italy (L. Gilbee), Great Britain (J. Robinson) and Switzerland (J. Vouillamoz).

The Bušari of Đakovo

The Bušari of Đakovo is the biggest carnival event in the eastern part of Croatia. This year for the 23rd time The Bušari of Đakovo revivials carnival customs, song, dance and entertainment through the streets of the city.

This is the place where past, present and future meets. This event includes rituals, customs, jubilees, and oral traditions. It shows the history of the community, the different social classes, as well as the economic situation.

The event itself consists of the Carnival Gastro Festival – “Fasting dishes (mrsna i nemrsna jela) during the carnival and Lent”, tasting and evaluating of sausages and the main event of the Bušari of Đakovo – the Carnival pageant with equestrians - custom of carnival riding in Slavonia.

The main event is a huge carnival pageant for all participants on the streets of Đakovo. In the few days of this event, 3,000 participants arrive from all parts of Croatia, and there are approximately fifteen thousand spectators.

Đakovo is famous as ''The heart of Slavonia'' for it's beauty and hospitality that has to be experienced!

Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival 2017

Zadar Tourist Board, in collaboration with City of Zadar, Embassy of Japan to Croatia, Croatian Ministry of Tourism, Croatian National Tourist Board, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Zadar County Tourist Board and NPO JCEA Japanese-Croatian Exchange Association, is pleased to announce the programme of Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival 2017 which will be held from 1. to 5. February 2017. This year’s festival, third so far, presents a combination and exchange of experiences of cultural, historical and natural Croatian and Japanese resources, together with a gastronomic experience.

Peasants' Revolt

On the eve of the anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt, namely its final battle at Stubica, which took place on the 9th of February 1573, there is a 2-day event The Peasants’ Revolt in Donja Stubica. This annual event first started in 2008 and is organised by the Fellowship of the Knights of the Golden Chalice from Donja Stubica.

The event shows everything that happened while Matija Gubec was urging the peasants into rebellion as well as the re-enactment of the final battle with the participation of numerous extras and members of various associations from Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary, making it international in character.

The event begins with the urging of the peasants into the rebellion. Peasant leaders gather in front of the birth house of Matija Gubec and, led by him, depart towards the Gubec Linden Tree. There they are met by the disgruntled peasants and the urging of the peasants, i.e. their arming, begins.

The main event, the Battle of Stubica, staged by the extras dressed in mediaeval costumes as feudal lords and peasants, armed with swards, cannons, pitchforks, spears, and sickles - faithfully displays the final battle at the field of Stubica.

Solin Winterfest

This winterfestival presents through 4 various topics all cultural, natural and religious heritage of city of Solin to its citizens, tourists and visitors from surrounding areas. Since it is by population the youngest town in Croatia, it also emphasizes the importance of life and family values. Besides the education of its citizens (children and adults) and development of cultural events through winter season, it is also aimed to create a new tourist product in winter in order to position city of Solin as 365 days destination, according to the strategic goals of Croatian tourism.

INmusic Festival #12

The twelfth edition of INmusic festival, the biggest Croatian open-air event, will take place from the 19th to the 21st of June 2017 on the beautiful Island of Youth at Zagreb's Lake Jarun. Each year, INmusic festival gathers some of the most coveted names of modern music, which is why it has been listed among the audience’s favorite festivals year after year. In 2016 INmusic festival received another international acclaim when it was named by NME, one of the world's most prestigious music magazines, as one of the world’s twelve most popular festivals, among the likes of Coachella, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight... For the upcoming twelfth festival edition, INmusic has already announced its first performers - Arcade Fire, Alt-J and Michael Kiwanuka, with others to be announced soon.

Lucky Chops

Convinced that positive music can change the world, Lucky Chops are in the mission to put back life in the music industry and to inspire others with inexhaustible energy. This group of six talented musicians are creating unique sounds and energy that is simply mesmerizing and viraly conquering the world. They had their first performance on the subway where they simply thrilled everybody. They have redefined what it means to play in a brass band, and all it took was one video posted on YouTube. The rest is history. Thanks to all the fans around the world they have become one of the main attractions at international music festivals and their performances are always sold out. We will have a chance to listen to them at the club Boogaloo in Zagreb, 06 February 2017. All fans of good music and entertainment can buy tickets in Eventim system and online via the website www.eventim.hr

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