Événements en Croatie

Advent in Poreč

Do not miss the richest ever Poreč Advent programme!


Enjoy free ice-skating, entertainment and cultural programmes, a number of concerts, and an endless Advent gastronomic offer.


With the arrival of St. Nicholas at Matije Gupca Square in Poreč, the event Advent Poreč - Avvento Parenzo will officially begin on December 6, 2016. From the little ones to adults, all will feel the holiday warmth at Matije Gupca Square and at the nearby park, in the magical Villa Polesini, City Library, and Poreč Open University until January 8, 2017.

Families will fall in love with skating on the free ice-skating rink, with basic equipment and ice-skating lessons included. The little ones will not be able to resist other entertaining free children’s programmes and holiday surprises.

During the event at Matija Gubec Park, you will be able to enjoy excellent free concerts of famous Croatian performers, such as Detour, Gustafi, Night Express, Cirkus, and many more.

During the Christmas Fair, the Advent scents and flavours will spread from the decorated holiday stands.


Join us at the Advent in Poreč!

Zagreb Winter Pancake Festival

The Pancake Festival, the largest pancake festival in Croatia, is yet another unparalleled, signature event in the City of Zagreb this holiday season.


The Zagreb Winter Pancake Festival, a festive atmosphere with fabulous entertainment all day long, melt in your mouth pancakes and activities for the entire family. Guests will enjoy pancake art designs from all over the world, sweet and savory delicacies, hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine, as well as plenty of Christmas and New Year’s gifts for our loved ones.


The Dubrovnik Hotel, your hotel in the heart of Zagreb, with an unforgettable view to the unique festive atmosphere of the central Ban Josip Jelačić Square illuminated with the traditional Christmas tree, lights, sights and decorations. 

The Courtyards – Advent edition

A cosy holiday mood is spreading through the Upper Town of Zagreb... We bring the magic of Advent to the courtyards of the Upper Town! The Courtyards – the city of Zagreb's favourite summer cultural and tourist event, now welcomes its visitors in the Advent edition!

In line with the motto “Every courtyard has its own story”, the Courtyards tell tales of the history of the Upper Town, its palaces, interesting people and events, while the numerous visitors get a unique opportunity to look behind the facades of these representative spaces and enjoy their unique environment.

Hidden in the winter idyll of the Upper Town, decorated with Advent decorations, warm, intimate and romantic, infused with the scents and flavours of winter, cinnamon, cloves, mulled wine, brandy and little sweet treats, filled with the sounds of Christmas tunes and live music every day, with a lot of fun, good wishes and joy – the winter holiday edition of the Courtyards offers a special experience of Advent that you have never encountered before!

So put on your warmest boots and favourite wool gloves. Come to the Upper Town, enter and enjoy yourselves – become captivated by the Courtyards!

Christmastime in Osijek 2016

This Christmastime visit Osijek and the wine festival, “Santa bikers”, the cheerful Christmas tram with elves, virtual reality in the Christmas tram, many Christmas concerts, a “breath” of the New year’s concert in the Osijek Croatian National Theatre and Christmas markets made just for you, your friends and family, surrounded by glittering lights, scent of Christmas trees, mulled wine and… It will be the Christmas you have long been dreaming of… Stay a day longer and dance into the New Year with hundreds of locals in the main square, with a glass of sparkling wine and everyone’s favourite waltz “On the beautiful blue Danube”.

The Days of Young Olive Oil

It stands as a testament to the quality of olive oil from the area of Vodnjan that this year sees the 12th hosting of the “Days of Young Olive Oil” fair in the town from the 18th to the 20th of November.  The event has an international character and brings together producers of top-quality extra virgin olive oils. Year after year the event continues to raise awareness of the benefits of the consumption of young olive oils.

The event particularly contributes to Vodnjan’s overall reputation for extra virgin olive oil as an indigenous brand, which has become internationally recognized for being one of world’s best.

Approximately 20,000 visitors are expected to visit the 1600 m² olive oil fair tent over the three days of the event. As always, guest will be treated to a full program of cultural and culinary happenings. More than 100 producers of olive oil, and other local agricultural products, will be there to share their experience and local produce with you.

64-ème „Festival de film de Pula“

Le festival du film de Pula est le plus ancien festival du film en Croatie et l'un des plus anciens fetivals en Europe. Sa marque distinctve est l'Arene de Pula où les projection de films se déroulent à ciel ouvert. Actuellement, c'est une des manifestations culturelles le plus fréquentées dans la République de Croatie, se vantant de plus de 73 milles de spectateurs venus de partout dans le monde pour jouir d'évènements offerts durant dudit festival. Les programmes de festival se déroulent à plusieurs endroits de ville, attirant toujours un grand intérêt des spectateurs.

Le programme de compétition comprend les films de production locale, ceux de long et de court métrage qui sont, le plus souvent,  projétes en avant-première, ensuite les films de production internationale, les programmes pour les enfants, pour les jeunes, ainsi qu'un programme de  retrospctive  et le programme applé cinémathèque de Pula. Les programmes accompagnants comprennent un programme pour les professionnels du cinéma,  des ateliers du cinéma, expositions diverses consacrées à l'art du cinéma, ainsi que des concerts. Le jury décerne au meilleur film au festival, le prix du festival – Grande Arène d'or. La Grande Arène est décernée aussi, pour la meilleure rédaction cinéma, pour le meilleur scénario, au meilleur acteur ou actrice, pour les meilleurs rôles secondaires, ainsi que pour le caméra, le montage, la musique, la scénographie et la costumography. Il y a encore, l'Octavian - prix officiel  dicerné par la société croate des critiques de cinéma, et est ce sont les spectateurs qui, par ses votes, décident qui gagnera le prix Porte d'or de Pula. 

23-ème PUF Festival international de théâtres alternatifs

Festival international de théâtres alternatifs – PUF est un des plus connus festivals de théàtres alternatifs dans cette partie de l'Europe. Pendant la période de plus de 20 ans combien dure le festival ont eu lieu  d'env. deux cents de représentations et plus de cents programmes y relatifs (expositions, performances, concerts). Des participants arrivent de partout dans le monde.

Les représentations sont gratuites et se déroulent dans divers endroits de ville. Une partie de programme a lieu dans le centre social de Rojc.

Advent in Marija Bistrica

Advent in Marija Bistrica, a place of centuries-long tradition of pilgrimage, old trades and cultural events has always been celebrated and marked in a special way. First organized manifestation Advent in Marija Bistrica was held in 2011 and since then it has been held every December. Advent is marked by occasional cultural-artistic program, Christmas fair and numerous workshops for children and adults. Advent at the national shrine is special and its atmosphere is in the sign of spirituality, family, cultural and traditional values.

Histoires de Noël à Čazma

Toutes les histoires de Noël sont romantiques et instructives chez la famille Salaj, à Grabovnica. Pendant les fêtes, cette famille réserve des moments magiques à tous ceux qui aiment la véritable ambiance de Noël. L’extérieur de la maison familiale est décoré de milliers d’ampoules multicolores, qui créent un merveilleux cadre tout en lumières et une ambiance idyllique pour tous les visiteurs. La nuit venue, l’étable et la crèche et toutes ces lumières vous donneront l’impression de vous être endormis pour vous réveiller dans un monde magique, le monde des vrais contes de Noël croates.

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