Vacances en Croatie

Advent in Poreč

Do not miss the most beautiful season of Advent in Istria!   This year enjoy taking part in even more events, free ice-skating, a number of concerts, entertainment and cultural programmes, and an endless Advent gastronomic offer.   The ceremonial lighting of the lights at Matija Gubec Square in Poreč on 6 December 2019 will mark the start of Advent Poreč - Avvento Parenzo. From the little ones to adults, all will feel the holiday warmth at Matija Gubec Square, in the magical Villa Polesini, City Library, and Poreč Open University until January 6, 2020. Families will fall in love with skating on the free ice-skating rink with basic equipment and ice-skating lessons included. The little ones will not be able to resist other free entertainment programmes and holiday surprises for children. The novelty of this year's event is the Santa Claus House which will make all children even happier and take them to the world of fantasy and joy while spending time with Father Christmas. During the event at Matija Gubec Park, you will be able to enjoy excellent free concerts by famous Croatian performers. For the full family Advent experience in the old town centre pedestrian zone, there is only one rule – leave your car at the large town parking lot and hop onto our Christmas train, which will take you straight to the Poreč Advent celebration. During the Christmas Fair, the Advent scents and flavours will spread from the holiday stands embellished with ornate decorations.

Light and Color - Croatia a New Perspective

Photo exhibition   Light and color influences our view of things, so does a change of perspective. A new perspective intensifies our emotions. More than 30 Croatian artists capture the essence of their homeland with their cameras - surprising, unconventional, up close and from a distance.   The exhibition focuses on the diversity of the country. The local photographers give an artistic and authentic look into the multifaceted nature and colorful culture of the country - from island landscapes and waterfalls, to buildings and streets to everyday people and their everyday life, dedicated to tradition. The choice of the photographic perspectives and the design of the exhibition space offer an exciting and new perspective on Croatia's well-known and undiscovered treasures.   Location: Ground floor Kunsthalle Muenchen Entrance: UNTER DEN HÄNGENDEN GÄRTEN IN DEN FÜNF HÖFEN | THEATINERSTRASSE 8   From 28.11.2019 - 31.12.2019 (except public holidays) Monday - Sunday: 10h - 20h Christmas Eve: 10h - 14h New Year's Eve: 10h - 14h   02.01.2020 - 23.02.2020 (except public holidays) Monday - Sunday: 14h - 20h

Makarska - Christmas town

Makarska is an Advent hit! The magic of a Christmas town that has got a skating rink, ponies, children's games and activities, concerts, gastronomic offer... It has it all; Christmas carriage rides, trains, Nativity scene with live animals, more than 40 events, an ice skating rink, and Santa Claus’s playgroup for children that will make the longest greeting card in the world! Within the humanitarian action "Children to Children - for Children of Baranja", citizens of Makarska and their guests will collect school supplies, sweets and toys as gifts for the children of Baranja on Three Kings' Day. This is their invitation - welcome to Makarska!     A" frameborder="0">

Décembre à Pula

Décembre à Pula – Dicembre in città – programme des festivités pour les grands et les petits   Le dernier mois de l’année est le mois des évènements de Décembre à Pula – Dicembre in città, qui offre aux habitants de Pula et à leurs invités une série de programmes intéressants dans différents endroits de la ville. Les programmes sont destinés à tous – aux grands comme aux petits, chacun peut y trouver quelque chose pour soi et profiter de ce plaisir festif. Décembre à Pula – Dicembre in città va offrir cette année aussi aux habitants de Pula et aux nombreux visiteurs un grand nombre d’évènements culturels, de divertissements, de programmes, de spectacles et de concerts.   Un riche programme musical sera proposé en décembre à Pula à Portarata dans le cadre du programme Rocktarata, dans lequel seront à l’affiche The Night Express, Vatra, Fit, Letu Stuke, Songkillers, Psihomodopop, Dj Rock Caffe, Top of the Pops, Blagdan Band, Funbox, Urban and 4, Dj Giuly, Pips, Chips & Videoclips, Radioaktiv, Krug – Ekv Tribute Band, Febra. Pour ceux qui décideront d’attendre l’année 2020 à Portarata, ils le feront accompagnés du groupe Sajeta.   Le réveillon du jour de l’An sera organisé traditionnellement sur la place la plus ancienne de Pula – le Forum. Là, le réveillon sera célébré avec le concert de Zabranjeno pusenje et en avant première c’est le groupe Le Monde qui chauffera la scène.   Des programmes alternatifs intéressants seront aussi organisés par la Plateforme Seasplash – Fakofbolan, Atheist Rap, Vasil Hadzimanov Band et se invités ainsi que la fête du Nouvel An partageront la scène du club Kotac, et le célèbre C.U.B.E. vol.7 celle du club Uljanik.   On pourra aussi attendre la nouvelle année sur les Giardini, accompagné du groupe Nola. Par contre, sur les Giradini, 2020 arrivera à midi. Peut-être que certains l’attendront à la patinoire, qui trouvera sa place cette année justement sur les Giardini. C’est au cœur même de la ville que sera installée aussi la forêt magique, un vrai décor féérique pour le plus petits.   Il y aura aussi de la musique et de la cuisine au marché de la ville en décembre – à la veille de Noël on y préparera la poêlée de Noël, tandis que le dernier jour de l’année, lors de la préparation de la poêlée de Pula, on y dansera et chantera en compagnie de Vesna Nezic Ruzic. Durant les autres jours de décembre, ceux qui se promèneront ou feront leurs achats au marché pourront aussi écouter d’intéressants morceaux de musique.   La veille de Noël dans la cathédrale de Pula sera célébrée cette année par le concert de Bruno Krajcar et Vanna, tandis que le concert humanitaire traditionnel de Noël du théâtre populaire de Pula sera célébré par Marko Tolja et Mia Dimsic.   Décembre à Pula peut vraiment être unique. C’est pourquoi, promenez-vous en ville, passez par les Giardini, achetez quelque chose au marché dans une atmosphère musicale unique. Goutez certaines spécialités traditionnelles, jetez un coup d’œil dans la hotte du Père Noel….. Ou bien tout simplement apportez beaucoup de bonne humeur et passez du bon temps en décembre en ville avec les gens qui vous sont chers.   Pour plus d'informations, visitez:

Advent in Vinkovci

Advent in Vinkovci will surely meet the expectations of many visitors this year. Skating rink, concerts, numerous cultural, religious and entertainment events will mark the period from November 29th 2019 to January 5th 2020.   Most of the program, just like last year, will be held in the Pedestrian zone in the city center.   The concert part of the Advent in Vinkovci opens Vanna on November 29th and along with the famous names of Croatian performers (Pravila igre, Antonija Šola, NO Jazz band, Antonela Doko, grupa Buđenje) and performers of spiritual music (Alan Hržica and Emanuel group), numerous visitors will also enjoy the spiritual music of the church choirs. The highlight of the musical part of the event will be traditional "Concert at the Gymnasium", where about 200 young singers and musicians will sing from the windows of Vinkovci High School.   As the ice rink attracted great interest last year, the organizers have make effort, especially for young people, to make it possible to skate on an even larger ice rink, of course with the rich offer of excellent food and drinks of many caterers.   Advent in Vinkovci will also feature numerous cultural events, performances and concerts in the Vinkovci Theater, museum and gallery exhibitions, workshops and interesting contents in the city library and the „Magic Advent“ virtual game in the central park.

Philharmonic Ball

PHILHARMONIC BALL presented by Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra Monday, 30th of December 2019, beginning at 20.30 Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall Production: Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra   Performers: Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra DAVID DANZMAYR conductor LANA KOS soprano   Waltz into the New Year at the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra's Philharmonic Ball.   PHILHARMONIC BALL   Philharmonic Ball is an annual event, a glamorous offshoot of traditional Viennese New Year's concerts. This year's proceedings will take place under the guidance of maestro David Danzmayr. Born in Austria, maestro Danzmayr was brought up in Europe's musical Mecca of Salzburg, reaching his musical maturity in a special atmosphere of traditional Viennese New Year galas, true building blocks of musical excellence that Austria is renowned for. With that in mind it's more than obvious that maestro Danzmayr is a perfect choice when it comes to creating an authentic atmosphere as well as managing a spectacle worthy of a true New Year's concert.   Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra's Ball will shower you with some of the most beautiful New Year's waltzes, airs and polkas, each one of them transporting you back in time, to a long forgotten world of Viennese palaces and musical splendor full of recognizable New Year's melodies with their distinctive uplifting qualities that just beckon you to take to the dance-floor, with gems that include famous classics such as The Blue Danube and Radetzky March, the most recognizable among the many famous New Year's scores so beloved by audiences everywhere.   But the „New Year's Eve before actual New Year's Eve“ will not end with the final notes being played.   After the concert that will be held in the Main Hall, we extend the invitation to our audience to come and join us in the lobby, where our distinguished guests will have a chance to enjoy a whole host of famous musical numbers, dance evergreens and melodies we all cherish in our hearts, all performed by Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra's Pop Ensemble. That in itself is a guarantee of a great time and a truly unique and festive atmosphere, one that the Philharmonic Ball is renowned for.   A gala spectacle such as this demands a distinctive dress code. Therefore Ladies and Gentlemen, put on your finest gowns and the most elegant black tuxedos, and enjoy a truly special evening just ahead of New Year's Eve.   Tickets for the Philharmonic Ball are available at the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra's box-office or at the with the price of 170 Kunas (II. category) and 220 (I. category) respectively.      
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